Sunday, February 26, 2017

Like a RAINBOW....

We have not been really present on the blog lately...

I think it's always like that in winter.

We don't feel like going out with cold and rain!

But we have just bought a new camera as our last one was stolen last november...

so seeing some sun outside, we HAD to go out!

But it's still freezing...

I still wear woll tights...

But I let my boots at home for the day

and I choose those velvet "smarties" shoes from Miss L Fire.

They always have a huge success when they go out!

With that sun, we want spring to come quickly!

And to brighten my day I need COLORS!

You remember...

life is better in TECHNICOLOR!

I'm not afraid to look like a rainbow!!!

and try some new colors combos...

I would never thought that aqua, red and yellow would look great together!

I was inspired by this lovely skirt!

(It was made for me from a vintage painted fabric)

but also by these gorgeous brooches by Erstwilder!

I was a bit dissapointed with their last year collections.

But their january nautical release was just AMAZING!

I was naughty, I almost bought the full range...

A bust line for a real 50's sweater girl!

For once Sylvain choose lighter colors than me.

Just a touch of blue...

and some spring light colors!

You know how much I LOVE brooches...

I think I manage to convert him!

Now he likes to often wear a pin on his colar...

Look at this cute 40's girl!

These pins were free with Kellogg's boxes in the 40's.

A nice new collection to start!

We feels that we are always choose a church to make our pictures....

It's beginning harder and harder to find places out of time...

A lot of our followers like our pictures because of that.

We are trying to remove all modern stuff from our blog.

To bring you only the best of the 50's!!!

Are you shy with colors?
Or do you also think that life is better in technicolor?

Pas facile de se motiver à prendre des photos ou même à sortir avec ce temps de chien... vivement que l'hiver fasse place au printemps!
Une journée ensoleillée et un nouvel appareil photo nous a donné envie d'une petite balade et avec quelques clichés pour enfin alimenter le blog! Pour combattre cette morosité ambiante, je me suis habillée aux couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel... il ne faut pas avoir peur des couleurs quand on aime les 50's!
Rouge, bleu, vert et jaune! Qui aurait dit que cela puisse faire une combinaison harmonieuse??? J'ai été inspiré par cette magnifique jupe et 2 broches de la nouvelle collection nautique de Erstwilder!
Pour une fois, Sylvain avait choisi des couleurs plus discrètes...
- A bientôt dans notre univers vintage -

Sunday, January 22, 2017

POODLES skirt !!!

Hello, how are you dear followers?

For us, it's quite a slow beginning for this new year.

Probably because of this SO cold weather!

We have had not so much snow but ...

temperatures have been below O°C for days now!

But sun helps us not to stay at home!

Yesterday was a flea market day and here were our outfits!

30's style for Sylvain...

and a 50's style for me!

A classical 50's coat

with gorgeous details

but it was not long enough to fully hide

 the master piece of my outfit!

There are some iconic clothes when you think about the 50's...

and POODLE skirt is one of them!

you can find a lot of cheap repros...

but when you are searching for a real vintage one,
it's really hard to find!

Even more in a wearable size, well made and in good condition!

I believe this one is perhaps from Juli Lynne Charlot but missing tag...

 she was the inventor of this kind of felt skirts in the 50's.

Of course I had to wear a POODLE brooch

and match my bangles with this one of a kind skirt!

When the 30's meet the 50's...

Sylvain likes to wear those heavy wool knickers

 when it's really cold outside!

These were worn by bikers before the 50's.

Using a cap really accentuate this vintage biker style...

but with a touch of elegance

with a daper 40's tie of course!

What do you think about POODLE skirts?
Gorgeous or really kitch?

 L'année démarre pour nous en douceur le climat hivernal n'aidant pas à prévoir de grandes sorties! Mais hier, un marché aux puces fût l'excuse pour se bouger un peu et voici nos tenues du jour!
Années 30 pour Sylvain et 50 pour moi! Il y a quelques vêtements iconiques de certaines périodes et quand on pense aux 50's, surtout aux USA, la jupe cercle caniche est un symbole des années rock'n roll ! On trouve de nombreuses repros à la qualité douteuse, mais quand on cherche une pièce d'époque, dans une taille portable, en bon état et de bonne qualité, cela devient bien plus dur à trouver!!! Je n'ai donc pas manquer celle-ci quand elle s'est présentée à moi. Au vue de son design et de sa qualité, elle pourrait être l'oeuvre de Juli Lynne Charlot, la créatrice de ses jupes dans les 50's, malheureusement plus d'étiquette....
Sylvain avait opté pour un style motard classe des années 30, quelle élégance décontractée!
- Bises glacées -